5 Reasons to Hire an Atlanta Minibus for Concerts

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Atlanta is known for its indie and hip-hop scene, but it doesn’t just produce amazing music- it performs it as well. Almost any night in Atlanta you’re guaranteed to find a venue booked with the best talent in the business. Whether you’re heading out to the State Farm Arena or Mercedes-Benz Stadium to see the latest big-name musician, or swinging by the downtown music palace, The Tabernacle, Atlanta provides you with your choice of some of the most exciting live concerts all in one city.

To ensure that you have the best concert experience possible, you want to consider Atlanta’s traffic. Anyone who has spent any time in the city knows how heavy and hectic the traffic can be. Don’t waste time looking for rides and figuring out how to meet up before the concert. To avoid any transit headaches and start your concert night out on a good note, book your transportation with an Atlanta minibus from Atlantic Limousine & Transportation to experience the real VIP concert treatment from beginning to end.

Hiring an Atlanta Minibus allows you and your friends to stay together while arriving safe and sound to your venue. Here are the top five reasons to hire an Atlanta minibus for your next concert outing:

Keep Your Friends Together in One Place

When you use a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, you still have to deal with the headache of booking a car, finding your ride, and waiting at the end of the concert along with all the other attendees. Not to mention if you’re heading to the concert with a group, you’re going to split up into different cars. Sitting in Atlanta’s traffic without your friends is no way to start the night.

Instead, hire an Atlanta minibus to pick you up at your location and drop you off VIP style at your destination. Our luxury minibus seats up to 25 passengers which means there’s plenty of room for you and your friends to stay together on the ride to and from the concert.

Avoid Hefty Parking Fees

Most people know there’s no such thing as free parking at an event. If you want to get away from paying the extra fees, you can always try searching for a free spot in the city, but that can take up too much of your time and lead you to possibly parking in less than stellar areas. The great thing about booking an Atlanta minibus is that you get to avoid searching for a parking spot and paying the parking fee altogether while keeping your group all in one place.

Our excellent minibus driver will drop you off at the front of your venue and be there waiting for you as soon as you get out. Now that you have that extra time and money you can spend it on something more worthwhile like the souvenir stand.

Know Your Price Ahead of Time

The bad thing about taking a rideshare is that the price can be unpredictable. Depending on the location of the concert and how populated the area is, you can end up spending more for a ride than you bargained for. When you hire an Atlanta minibus, we help you set up a reservation ahead of time, so your expenses are already processed. We work with you to get the best quote for your group and event so you can put your mind at ease knowing your price for transportation is all taken care of.

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Feel Secure with a Safe and Reliable Driver

Forget deciding which one of you is going to drive. When you rent an Atlanta minibus you get one of our trustworthy and reliable drivers that are at your service to make sure you have a safe and secure trip. Our drivers go through an extensive background check and drug and alcohol screenings to give you a better peace of mind while on the road.

We continually monitor our drivers to ensure that they maintain a clean driving record, so you know that the person behind the wheel is going to have your best interest at heart. We want you to kick back and have a good time and leave the safe driving up to us.

Get Pumped with Our Amazing Amenities

When you rent an Atlanta minibus, you know you’re getting a reliable and secure ride, but you’re also getting the chance to travel in luxury from the moment you leave to the moment you get back home. Leave the stress of maneuvering through traffic at the house and sit back in our reclining seats surrounded by tinted windows and enjoy the amazing amenities available to you:

    • Wi-Fi internet access: Post pictures to your social media and live stream your concert night without any interruptions.
    • USB outlets: Plug in your phones to make sure they don’t die during the concert.
    • AUX input: Get the night started by connecting your phone to listen to all your favorite music along the way.
    • Microphone PA Systems: Sing along to your favorite band’s songs to get pumped for the main event.

Ready to make your reservation for an Atlanta minibus from Atlantic Limousine & Transportation for your next concert? To find out pricing and details, complete an online request or call us at 770-637-7820. We’re happy to answer any additional questions you have on booking your Atlanta minibus before completing your reservation.