The Best Reasons for Charter in the Film Industry in Atlanta

The Best Reasons for Charter in the Film Industry in Atlanta

Many people rely on charter transportation for luxurious and first-class service. Furthermore, charter services often specialize in more than single-person airports, events, and inner-city transport. For the film industry, which moves at the speed of light, charter transport is the best way to keep production rolling smoothly.

Atlantic Limousine & Transportation specializes in the professional fleet services needed for the film industry in Atlanta. All the benefits of using our professional chauffeurs and prized vehicles are available for those above and below the line. Consider these prime reasons Atlanta film production companies rely on charter transportation.

Why Atlanta Media Companies Should Use Charter Services

Easy Organization and Scheduling

You’ve got a full schedule. Driving yourself or utilizing an inexperienced driver can cause undue stress, whereas charter services can ease the process.

Rely on a troupe of professional chauffeurs to get everyone where they need to go. Setting pickups, drop-offs, and location changes only require a quick call; your charter service does the rest.


An entertainment company thrives on timeliness, and traffic can hinder progress. Drivers with a charter company often know the best ways to avoid and navigate traffic. You can rest easy knowing you’re always on the fastest route to your destination.

High-quality charters time their services with data from airports and flights to ensure you don’t wait for pickup. Our GPS monitors vehicle locations and provides up-to-date information on road conditions, flight patterns, and more. Charter services relieve stress when you have somewhere to be and a tight call time to meet.

Large Fleet Availability

A film studio crew is massive, and a sedan won’t seat everyone or their equipment. The best charter companies offer large-scale vehicles for mass transportation all across the city. When you need to expand your trip across Georgia, a coach could be just what you need.

The film industry in Atlanta requires careful attention and availability. At Atlantic Limousine and Transportation, those are our priorities.

Other Features Atlanta Film Production Companies Love

Easy Cost Prediction

Budgets make the film, and the cost of transportation shouldn’t break the bank. A quality charter service provides accurate quotes with consideration for your needs. The size of the fleet, the type of vehicles needed, and more factors combine into a detailed quote.

Clear information helps foster better business decisions. Charters provide the specialized transportation services you need while ensuring your cost satisfaction.

Stay Connected

You may not have time to return to a location with internet access for quick film changes. Stay charged and connected with our state-of-the-art Wi-Fi and charging stations. You won’t have to fear running out of battery or losing business contact with our fleet on hand.

We provide air conditioning, internet, and more, so our vehicles can become your temporary office space if necessary. Complete work on the go or onsite with your crew. You can also use our buses for meetings where everyone can participate comfortably.

Mobile Relaxation Spots

Whether you’re riding to or have arrived at your location, you can take a breather in our luxury fleet. We maintain our vehicles to meet quality standards, including clean air filters and comfortable seating. Our amenities often include bottled water, tissues, and other necessities.

Many cars and limousines include privacy barriers or outdoor sound reduction to decrease disturbances. Feel free to rest peacefully or work in comfort.

Disability Accommodation

A top-quality charter company should always include ADA-compliant fleets. Otherwise, they cannot provide the best possible service to every person who calls on them. After all, the entertainment industry has various people with different physical capabilities who need access to locations and equipment.