Ditch Ride Sharing & Reserve Luxury Airport Transportation


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Ride sharing companies offer the bare minimum in comfort and safety. Sure, they get you from point A to point B, but is it really worth it? Travel to and from the Atlanta Airport with the extensive list of amenities provided by Atlantic Limousine & Transportation. Atlantic Limo offers private and group pickups and drop-offs at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport domestic and international terminals.


At Atlantic Limo each and every one of our vehicles is cleaned inside and out between clients. The same can’t be said for ride sharing options. When you ride share, you’re traveling in someone’s personal car. Unfortunately, cleanliness standards are personal, too. Make sure you and your luggage are getting where you need to go without having to compromise for space and strange smells.


Every single one of our drivers has undergone a background check and drug and alcohol screenings, and they continue to be monitored during their employment to ensure they keep a pristine driving record. Ride share companies can’t always say the same.


After sitting on an airplane for the last few hours, inevitably next to the biggest “sharer” you’ve ever encountered, getting in a car with more people you don’t know and carrying on conversation with them can be tedious. With Atlantic Limo, you can choose to speak, ride in silence, make phone calls, fall asleep, or get work done. How you spend the ride is up to you.


Don’t plan your schedule around a carpool; let us plan our schedule around you. Atlantic Limo’s chauffeurs use flight tracking systems and an extensive knowledge of the Atlanta area to be there right when you get off the plane, and drop you off at your requested time.
You can also choose what type of vehicle — sedan, SUV, limo, etc. — you want to pick you up, allowing you to determine how much space you’ll have for both you and your luggage.

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Say goodbye to ride sharing and book your airport transportation to and from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport today. Get a quote, make a reservation, or ask any questions you might still have over the phone at 770-751-70778, or online.