Atlantic Limo —The Environmentally Friendly Limo Service

Are you looking for the best and most environmentally-friendly limo service in Atlanta? Atlantic Limousine & Transportation offers a full professional fleet of vehicles that are engineered to minimize our impact on the environment. As a matter of fact, Atlantic Limo operates on our comprehensive “Go Green” initiative that we use to guide our efforts and reduce the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases.

Our fleet-wide conservation program helps ensure our vehicles emit the lowest possible emissions, while our professional chauffeurs work around the clock to further slash emissions and help protect our environment. Continue reading to learn more about why Atlantic Limousine & Transportation is the best environmentally-friendly limo service in the metro Atlanta area.

Go Green & Hire a Professional Limo in Atlanta

Did you know that when you take a limo, private car, or coach — you’re actually making strides toward saving the planet? Yes, by taking a limousine at Atlantic Limo, you’re engaging in a form of ride sharing, which is a much greener option in comparison to taking a private car. You’ll further help reduce the nation’s dependence on oil and other nonrenewable resources because public and private transportation is responsible for using more than 70%. So, the next time you’re looking for an environmentally friendly limo service in Atlanta, contact Atlantic Limo.

Cutting-Edge Fleet of BioFuel, FlexFuel & Hybrid Electric Vehicles

At Atlantic Limo, we use a range of cutting-edge vehicles and technology to further slash emissions and reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources. For instance, our hybrid vehicles use a combination of both traditional gas and electric fuel cell vehicles to significantly extend the MPG of our fleet.

Atlantic Limo’s FlexFuel vehicles have the ability to run on gasoline mixtures with up to 85% ethanol, which is a renewable resource. Our vehicles are also capable of running on Biofuels, which are manufactured from animal fats, vegetable oils, and other waste products, such as recycled restaurant grease.

Atlantic Limo Practices 100% Carbon Offsetting

Because we understand that there will be carbon emissions in our business, we’ve proactively taken steps to offset those emissions. As a matter of fact, we practice 100% carbon offsetting. Carbon offsetting is a practice of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide to offset and/or compensate for the emissions made elsewhere.

At Atlantic Limousine & Transportation, we’re proud to be leaders in the arena of tackling climate change and will continue our efforts to make a difference one vehicle at a time. So much so, we engage in voluntary reporting to the EPA, which demonstrates our commitment to leaving the planet better than the way we’ve inherited it. We also conduct regular carbon emissions inventory assessments, so we’re able to benchmark our progress.

Contact Atlantic Limo — The Environmentally Friendly Limo Service

At Atlantic Limo, we’re continually looking to raise the bar and redefine how other transportation companies approach environmental consciousness. In addition to the previously mentioned steps, our chauffeurs work around the clock to elevate our environmental responsibility to even higher levels. Best of all, we offer over 20 years of experience serving customers throughout the greater Atlanta area. We offer virtually every type of transportation service to meet your every need.