The Importance of an ADA Compliant Bus

At Atlantic Limo, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver viable transportation solutions to all of our clients — including those with disabilities and special needs. We offer a fleet of ADA-compliant, wheelchair-accessible bus rentals able to accommodate up to 30 passengers. In addition, these vehicles include all of the luxury and amenities offered in our other buses.

All of our ADA-compliant, wheelchair-accessible buses are operated by our highly-trained chauffeurs who are skilled at meeting the unique needs of those with special needs and disabilities. For example, we understand that people with disabilities and special needs may need more time for boarding and exiting our vehicles. As a result, we’ll be there every step of the way providing guidance and assistance — helping all of our guests feel safe and secure.

Special Accommodations for Special Needs and Disabilities

If you or someone in your group has a service animal, we can make special accommodations for signal dogs, guide dogs, or other animals individually trained to provide assistance to someone with a disability. We also offer a fixed-route system with clear signage designating seating for those with disabilities.

Does Atlantic’s ADA-Compliant Buses Have a Wheel Chair Ramp?

Each of our ADA-compliant buses are designed with a built-in wheel chair ramp and lift near the rear of the bus. The lift allows all of our passengers to safely and conveniently board the bus. Whether your wheelchair is manual or mechanical, our ADA-compliant buses are designed to accommodate your specific needs.

Professional Chauffeurs Who Go the Extra Mile

All of the chauffeurs at Atlantic Limo have received special training to provide the highest level of care for those with special needs and disabilities. If you or someone else in your group needs assistance boarding and unloading the vehicle, our chauffeurs will be there to provide assistance and guidance.

Each chauffeur at Atlantic limo undergone training to ensure all of our vehicles are properly functioning. They also have the appropriate training to assist those with special needs or disabilities in a courteous and respectful way. At Atlantic Limo, we believe everyone deserves to be treated fairly as well as with respect and integrity.

Contact Atlantic Limo for ADA-Compliant Buses and Accommodations

At Atlantic Limo, we go the extra distance for all of our customers, especially those with special needs and disabilities. Throughout your travels with Atlantic Limo, we’ll strive to make you as comfortable as possible – meeting your needs along the way. In order to do so, we’ve equipped our ADA-compliant, wheelchair-accessible buses with the equipment necessary to handle scooters, wheelchairs, and other transportation devices. Whether you’re looking for accommodations for a church bus rental or any other type of event, trust the seasoned pros at Atlantic Limo meet your needs at every turn.

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