Debunking 5 Common Myths About Limousine Service

Debunking 5 Common Myths About Limousine Service

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a limousine experience? What stopped you from pursuing it? Contrary to popular belief, anyone can enjoy limo service in Atlanta anytime. A reputable limousine service provides one-of-a-kind experiences that people of all ages remember. 

However, most people let limo myths stand in their way. You might associate limousines with rich people or fancy occasions. But our limousine service offers much more than long black stretch limousines with fancy drinks. If any of the following myths stopped you from booking a limousine with Atlantic Limousine & Transportation, read more to learn why they shouldn’t.

#1 Limousine Service Is Too Expensive

Most people believe that because a limousine service uses luxurious vehicles, it must come with an unaffordable price tag. But a limousine service charges an hourly rate, and the price of that rate depends on the type of car you want to use. You can also save money if you split the difference between other passengers.

Therefore, you could easily afford an enjoyable limousine experience by finding friends to share the bill with. Shop around for services that offer rates to fit your budget. You can even choose from different car models! However you go about the task, using a limousine shouldn’t break the bank.

#2 You Can Only Rent a Limo for Special Occasions

When you envision using a limo, you likely picture events like proms, significant birthdays, weddings, and other important milestones. However, you can book a limousine for any reason. For example, you can book a limousine if you need a ride to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport!

Since limousine services charge hourly, you don’t need to worry about mileage. You can leave your car at home and avoid searching for airport parking. You will also arrive on time with our professional chauffeurs. Airport trips are just one example of everyday limo use.

#3 Limos Are for Short Trips Only

Most people believe that they can only use limo rentals for in-town destinations. The common myth that limousines don’t do well on interstates or highways prevails. However, a reputable limo service only hires professional chauffeurs who can drive on all roads.

Plus, you need more comfortable accommodations during long trips, and legroom, drinks, and comfortable seats will come in handy. You’ll find that limos have such features. Book a limo for your next long trip and experience the difference.

#4 You Have to Be a Celebrity to Use a Limo

Limousines are synonymous with extravagant dresses, red carpets, and paparazzi. Since magazines frequently feature photos of celebrities making an elegant exit from a stretch car, you might associate limo services with the rich and famous.

Yet, lots of parents rent limos for their teenagers’ prom nights. Many people who want to enjoy a special night on the town accompanied by friends will rent a limo service for a designated driver. Other people use rental services to make simple commutes more comfortable. Don’t write off limousines just because you aren’t an A-list celebrity.

#5 Limo Is a Brand of Car

You might find this myth silly, but some people mistakenly believe that a limo is a car brand. They associate the term ‘limo’ with Ford, Chevy, or Lincoln. While a limo is a type of car, it isn’t its own brand.

A limo, short for limousine, is typically the iconic luxury stretch car driven by a trained chauffeur. Limousine services also provide a variety of other models from which you can choose, including party buses, luxury sedans, SUVs, or even classic models. You can select the type of car that best fits your budget and needs.

A sedan works perfectly for a solo trip to and from an airport. If you have your family with you, an SUV carries up to six passengers. Atlantic Limousine & Transportation also offers sprinters, which are perfect for conference needs. Don’t limit limos to extravagant events or VIP people; you can also use limousines to fulfill your everyday needs.

Find the Perfect Atlanta Limo Experience with Atlantic Limousine & Transportation

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