Tips to Make Prom Night a Success

Atlantic Limousine & Transportation knows how important prom night is for you and your teenager. That’s why we offer the best prom transportation packages in Atlanta! Make your teen’s prom night a success by reading the following tips from our prom transportation experts below.

Create a Designated Planning Party

Prom planning should not be left to one teen’s parents. If your child’s prom is coming up be sure to reach out to other parents to coordinate prom transportation, scheduling and more.

Set a Budget

Whether you’re helping your teenage boy or girl plan their perfect prom night, make sure you address budget before anything else. If a teen knows how much they are allowed to spend ahead of time, tasks like picking out prom dresses, corsages and limousines will be much easier.

Be sure to communicate budget with the other parents you are coordinating with. One parent may have a completely different idea than the others.

Make a Guest List

Ask your child to write down a guest list of everyone they would like to share prom transportation with along with their parents’ contact information. Having a dedicated guest list will decrease the chances of accidentally leaving someone out or possibly inviting too many people to fit into the limo or party bus.

Plan the After Party

Before your teen leaves for their special night, be sure to find out exactly where they will be once prom is over. After parties are expected and a part of prom that no one wants to miss out on but make sure there are chaperones nearby. Contact the after party chaperones ahead of time to get any details you may need such as phone numbers and addresses.

Make Reservations

Before your teen makes it to prom, make reservations at a favorite restaurant. Remember that it may be difficult to walk in so you’ll want to plan ahead of time.

Book Prom Transportation

One of the most important details that goes into planning for prom is the prom transportation. For most teens this will be the first time they get to ride inside a limousine, party bus or other luxury vehicle. Speak with your prom transportation company ahead of time to ensure the chauffeurs will be present at all time. Communicate with the drivers where your teen needs to be picked up and dropped off before and after prom.

Contact Atlantic Limousine & Transportation

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