Don’t Get Taken for a Ride by Rideshares: Why You Should Trust Atlantic Limo for Your Atlanta Airport Transportation


Ridesharing is a new mode of transportation with popular apps bringing in new customers daily. Unfortunately, because of this newness, the risks of ridesharing are often overlooked.

Ridesharing Poses a Safety Risk

While ridesharing may seem like an easy and affordable travel option, it poses safety issues that you should take into account. With many of the apps, you can see the photo of the person driving you, but you have no way of assuring that they have a safe driving record or a clear criminal background.

With some ridesharing companies, you can choose to ride with other passengers for a more affordable rate. You have no idea who these passengers are and if your ride is safe. In most states, ridesharing companies are not held to the same standards and regulations as taxi and limo companies, so they often aren’t required to put drivers through background and criminal checks.

Insurance Risks with Rideshares

In the event that an accident causes injuries and medical expenses to a rideshare passenger, who covers medical costs? Many rideshare companies offer up to a $1 million liability policy for drivers if their personal insurance cannot cover the costs of the damages.

Unfortunately, because the car is being used for commercial purposes during the accident, many insurance companies refuse to cover damages to passengers and it’s unclear when or if the rideshare company’s policy kicks in. So what does this mean? It can mean that injuries and medical costs you incur from an accident may not be covered and can cost you out of pocket.

Unreliable Airport Transportation with Rideshares

Most rideshare companies use an app to call for a ride and it’s based on how many drivers are available in your area whether or not you can get a ride and how long it will take. When trying to find transportation to the airport, ridesharing can put you at risk of missing your flight because of the shifting wait times these apps often have.

Find Safe and Reliable Atlanta Airport Transportation with Atlantic Limo

With Atlantic Limo, you can be sure that any ride you take to and from the airport is reliable and prompt. Our chauffeurs go through extensive background checks, only use company-insured vehicles, and are experienced drivers. They will always be on time so that you’re always on time for your flight.

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