Four Tips to Maximize Your Wedding Day Transportation in Atlanta

four tips to maximize your wedding day transportation in atlanta (1)

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As your big day approaches, you probably feel a mix of excitement and stress. Most couples find themselves dealing with the details closer to the wedding date, and one of the major yet often overlooked things you need to consider is your wedding day transportation.

Getting to and from your wedding and reception venue is a lot easier when you hire a black car service. Atlanta’s luxury wedding transportation experts at Atlantic Limousine & Transportation can help make sure your celebration of love goes as smoothly as possible.

How You Can Maximize Your Atlanta Wedding Day Transportation

From the centerpieces to shoes, you have a lot to think about when planning your wedding. And while weddings seldom go exactly according to plan, it helps to iron out some of the more important details before the big day, like your transportation options.

Follow these tips to ensure you maximize your wedding day transportation and have a smooth, exciting day with fewer bumps in the road.

1. Ask Yourself Who You Want to Book Transportation For

When it’s time for you to book your wedding day transportation, you need to determine how many seats you need.

It’s really up to you to decide who you want to book transportation for. At a minimum, there should be a car for the happy couple. Ideally, you should also book transportation for the wedding party and certain family members, like parents. This helps ensure everyone gets to the wedding venue on time and together.

Although optional, you can also book guests’ transport. The benefit of doing this is that your guests can focus more on celebrating with you and your new spouse and worry less about navigating traffic, finding parking, etc.

2. Pick the Best Vehicle for Your Magical Day

Once you know how many people you want to book transportation for, you can move on to the next most important step: picking out a vehicle. When you hire a reputable company, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of different vehicles, each offering unique amenities and seating options.

For instance, a party bus could be a great option for transporting the wedding party. Not only does it offer plenty of space for multiple people, but it allows you and your closest friends to keep the party going in between venues, making for an even more memorable day.

Meanwhile, limos deliver a classic, luxurious feel, which could be ideal if you’re looking for something more elegant. If you book a limo, you can typically fit your entire wedding party but not much more than that. And depending on the specific amenities offered by the company, you can enjoy a champagne toast while on your way to the venue.

You can also choose between shuttles, private cars, and much more. Take time to explore your options and see which vehicle offers the features you want for your wedding day transportation.

3. Schedule Accordingly

Picking a fun and luxurious car with enough space is one thing; planning the schedule is another. If you want everyone to get where they need to go on time, you need to think about pick-up and drop-off times.

If you’re using a transportation service to help guests get to their hotels after the ceremony and reception, make sure the transport service is available to pick people up at different times since some guests will want to leave earlier or later than others.

4. Know When to Book

Every wedding planning schedule has different timelines, so when should you book the transportation service for your wedding day? Ideally, you should book it as early as possible.

Chauffeurs and black car service vehicles book up rather quickly, so you want to contact a transportation company as soon as possible. If you have your venue booked and know the times for the day’s events, you should go ahead and book your car service.

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When the big day arrives, you should only focus on two things: getting married to the love of your life and having fun! As such, you need everything to go as smoothly as possible.

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