Win Clients Over With These Business Travel Tips

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Americans travel around 405 million miles each year for business trips. With so many people commuting for business, it’s imperative to use transportation as a competitive advantage to help you close the deal. Continue reading for a few excellent business travel tips to win clients over.

Impress Your Client with the Mercedes S550 Luxury Sedan

If you are looking to make your next business trip your best trip, whisk your client away in style with the luxurious Mercedes Benz S550 from Atlantic Limousine & Transportation. This stunning vehicle is the pinnacle of luxury and guaranteed to impress. Show your clients you appreciate the opportunity to earn their business with the quiet and smooth ride of the S550.

In addition to the luxurious Mercedes Benz S550, Atlantic Limousine offers an entire fleet of vehicles that are ideal for business travel. You can choose from the extended rear space offered by the Lincoln MKS L, the standard Lincoln MKT 3, and more.

Avoid Ridesharing Services for Business Transportation

While ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber may be convenient for some situations, they are not the best solution for transporting business clients. Ridesharing companies offer no guarantees and will regularly show up late for appointments. At the same time, the drivers from ridesharing companies are not trained or held to the same standards of excellence as professional chauffeurs.

Impress with Professional Chauffeurs

Impress your clients with professionally trained chauffeurs at Atlantic Limo.  The chauffeurs at Atlantic Limousine & Transportation continually work to uphold the core values of promptness, accuracy, and superior customer services. Instead of stringing together a network of private and public services or trying to hail down a taxi, booking a professional chauffeur will ensure everyone’s needs are met.

A professional chauffeur allows you to conveniently make last minute changes or detours.  At the same time, professional coach transport simplifies billing and saves time. Most importantly, you and your client can use the travel time to tie up loose ends and to work.

Stay Connected with Wi-Fi

Just because you and the client are on the road doesn’t mean you should lose connectivity. Stay connected and up to date on the latest happenings with in-car WiFi. This business travel tip allows you to conveniently stream presentations, share files, or simply update a post on social media without worrying about data consumption. Best of all, you will impress your client with your expert preparedness and thoughtfulness of their needs.

Luxury SUVs for Corporate Travel

If you are looking for more space for your corporate travel, the high-performance SUVs at Atlantic Limo may be the ideal solution. These vehicles include modern surround systems, plush leather interiors, and the constant connectivity of Wi-Fi Internet. You can choose from our:

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