Make Your Guests Say ‘Wow!’ with a Party Bus Winery Tour 

Wine Wednesday

Far too long have vino-havens like France, Spain and California held the titles for Best-in-Wine. It’s time to bring to light the South’s hidden treasure: North Georgia Wineries. Tucked away in the mountainous region of North Georgia are more than 20 wineries, each with new and creative blends that change with the season to highlight the region’s most famous flavors. The best way to see them all? A party bus winery tour, of course!

Versatility to Fit the Vibe of Every Event

Whether you’re planning a bachelorette party, wanting to do something extra special for your anniversary this year, or simply trying to take a day trip & drink some wine, there’s no shortage of reasons to make the journey up to North Georgia and visit a winery or two. Everyone’s a bit tired of the typical “let’s go get drinks at ,” and it’s safe to say that nothing goes better with a glass of wine than a breathtaking mountain view.

When you book a winery tour with Atlantic Limousine, you’ll be able to select from our vast and varied fleet to find the perfect vehicle to suit your guests’ needs. However, a party bus winery tour is really made special through the use of an actual party bus – something spacious and luxurious for your guests to stretch out while keeping a bit of intimacy throughout the special trip.

What Winery Should I Visit? (How About All?)

Visiting one winery is certainly a great and informative experience, but the best way to get a taste of the North Georgia mountains is to visit multiple wineries in one day. Say goodbye to designated driver concerns and hello to your personal chauffeur who will transport you safely from vineyard to vineyard until your vino hearts are content.

Additionally, a party bus winery tour means you’ll have secure transportation and won’t have to worry about finding your way to each vineyard or getting lost in exciting new places. A party bus winery tour is the perfect way to gather all your loved ones for a night (or two) of fabulous wine tasting and North Georgia sightseeing in a hassle-free environment.

Elevate Your Event with a Party Bus Winery Tour

Move beyond the traditional (and somewhat tired) “girls’ night out” at your local bar and into a classier, unique venue. Booking a party bus winery tour with Atlantic Limousine means you get to wash down your worries with a full-bodied cabernet while our chauffeurs focus on the logistics to ensure you have the most memorable trip possible. There’s a luxury option for every occasion at Atlantic Limousine, so regardless of the occasion, we’ve got the perfect vehicle to make you trip to North Georgia’s wineries all the more special.

Getting a bit of cabin fever? Stretch your legs and take a trip up north to taste some of the South’s finest wines with Atlantic Limousine & Transportation. Call us at 770-796-3140 or visit us online to get a quote and start your vino adventure today!