4 Reasons to Use Charter Bus Service for Your Next Corporate Event

Atlanta is listed as Forbes’ #14 in the Top Cities for Business and Careers. As a hub for technology, telecommunications, financial services and international travel with the Hartsfield-Jackson airport, Atlanta continues to thrive as a favorite place for companies. In fact, Atlanta houses the headquarters to some of the largest corporations including Coca-Cola, Turner Broadcasting, Delta Air Lines, UPS and Home Depot.

With a business reputation like that, your company needs the ride from Atlantic Limo to match! Consider these four reasons to use charter bus service in Atlanta for your next corporate event.


If you’ve ever had to get all of your employees to one place in Atlanta, you know how difficult and chaotic it can be, especially with the bumper-to-bumper traffic. To keep everyone together and to make sure everyone arrives at your conference, dinner or trade show at the same time, rent one of our charter buses. We offer luxury and executive buses that carry up to 55 passengers.

Don’t need that much room? We also host 25- or 35-passenger mini buses and limos.


Our superior charter bus service in Atlanta offers premium features to keep your employees relaxed and happy on the way to your corporate event. Many of our buses host TVs, 4G LTE Wi-Fi access, USB charging ports for all of your devices, restrooms (on our executive buses) and comfortable, plush seating.

Employee Satisfaction

While it may be beneficial for your management, it’s a bonus for all of your employees too. They won’t have to delve into hectic Atlanta traffic alone, using gas and adding miles to their personal cars. Plus, you’ll save them from having to navigate the streets of Atlanta to get to your destination. Everyone can relax with Wi-Fi access and TVs and arrive at your event with no hassle.


To explain how simple using our charter bus in Atlanta is, we’ll outline the steps. Rent bus. Load employees onto bus at workplace. Ride along in style, comfort and convenience. Arrive at destination. That’s it! You won’t have to get calls from employees asking where the event is, what time it’s at or where to meet everyone. There’s no waiting for everyone to arrive. You drive as a group and arrive as a group. Simple, safe and smart.

Choose Our Charter Bus Service in Atlanta

With our premium fleet of charter buses and vans, Atlantic Limo has the perfect solution for your next corporate event. Whether you’re all going out to dine for the night at a company dinner or brushing up on industry trends at a conference, we’ll drive you and your entire company there in style.

Reserve your ride today! Call us at 770-751-7078. To see a full list of our charter buses, visit our website.