Renting a Classic Car for Your Wedding

The day is nearing when you’ll put on that white dress and walk down the aisle. You’ve ordered the cake, reserved the venue and said yes to the dress. To add the final detail to your personalized nuptial celebration, consider renting a classic car from Atlantic Limo.

Our classic vehicles for rent in Atlanta are sure to be the cake topper on an already perfect day. Consider these three ways a classic car can add wow to your wedding.

The Guest Send-Off

You’ve probably imagined the moment you walk into the ceremony, or when you’re announced at the reception with your new husband, but don’t forget about the moment you leave as a married couple for the first time. All the guests gather in lines to throw petals or line the walkway with bright sparklers.

What better way to add a splash of drama and glamour than to walk the red carpet to a classic car? The guests will be wowed by the classy addition and you and the groom will enjoy luxury and convenience.

The Stunning Pictures

As beautiful as a wedding is, it’s unfortunately only one day. The pictures, however, are something you’ll have for the rest of your lives. So many brides have pictures of the send-off, but miss the moment when they drive away because they don’t want the getaway car in pictures.

Make your pictures pop with the classic glam of a vintage car. These premium luxury cars will shine and sparkle in your pictures and make the send-off like something in a fairy tale. Want the Cinderella send-off without the horse drawn carriage? This is your chance! With classic vehicles for rent in Atlanta, you’ll have the beautiful lifetime memories for your photobook.

For the Mr. & Mrs.

While aesthetics are important at a wedding, the most important parts are the quality memories made with the bride and groom. With Atlanta classic vehicles for rent from Atlantic Limo, memories don’t have to stop at the send-off. Choosing a classic car for the getaway isn’t just great for pictures, it’s a perfect, convenient way to get to your hotel or the airport, without ever having to worry about driving, especially if you’ve been imbibing at the wedding.

You’ll both be able to get into your private backseat and enjoy the drive, soaking in all of the events of the day and spending your first time together alone as husband and wife. There’s no awkward hand holding over the center console as one of you drives to the destination. There’s no getting lost on the way to the hotel.

It’s just you and your new spouse enjoying stress-free time together (probably the first in a while!). Plus, every classic car rental comes with tinted windows, a privacy partition, surround sound, air conditioning and heating, a refreshment bar with free bottle water, champagne flutes and rocks glasses, so you get luxury and ease all wrapped up in one lovely package.

Choose Atlanta Classic Vehicles for Rent from Atlantic Limo

Whether you’re getting married in the city or sticking to your roots in the country, a classic car rental from Atlantic Limo is just the touch you need to add that extra wow factor to your wedding.

We want your wedding to go just the way you’ve always imagined. That’s why we offer a special complimentary service for weddings. With every classic car rental, we’ll set you up with a personal chauffeur, a red carpet exit up to the beautiful classic car decked with a “Just Married” sign and a special champagne toast for the bride and groom.

You’ll never experience this one day again, so make it a lasting memory with a classic vehicle for rent in Atlanta. To reserve a classic car for your wedding festivities, or to look into group transportation for the wedding party, call us at 770-751-7078 or book online!