6 Spooky Reasons to Rent a Kids Party Bus for Halloween

Halloween Kids

As All Hallows’ Eve draws near and your little ones start preparing to dawn their Halloween costumes for a night of fancy and imagination, you might find yourself wondering what Halloween is going to look like this year. As crazy as 2020 has been, Halloween will always prevail – we just have to get creative! So, we’ve gathered the top 6 spoOooky reasons renting a kids party bus for Halloween is just what your fright night needs.

A kids party bus? For Halloween? That’s right! When you think outside of the box and reinvent old traditions to adapt to your circumstances, a fantastic evening is nearly guaranteed.

Clean, Controlled Environment
Cleanliness and sanitization have been at the forefront of our minds even more than usual over the past few months, which makes the prospect of your kid running around taking candy from strangers feel a little riskier. Think about it, how many times just one candy bowl comes into contact with the hands of other little princesses and cowboys? The possibility for germs runs ramped alongside the ghost and ghouls on All Hallows’ Eve, so why not opt for a more secure environment where you can trust the cleanliness?

When you rent a kids party bus for Halloween with us, you can rest easy knowing we’ve taken every measure to ensure a clean, sanitized party space for you and your guests. Each vehicle comes equipped with its own sanitization kit and is deeply sanitized immediately following and before every trip.

To learn more about the steps we’ve taken to protect our guests from COVID-19 and other harmful germs, click here.

Avoid the Unsavory Ghouls and Goblins
In addition to a controlled and clean environment where you know your kids will be safe, a kids party bus also offers protections from the crowds of people that may venture out on Halloween. Exclusivity is the hallmark of any good party – not just anyone can get in. So why not give your Halloween Bash an exclusive, high-end feel with a private kids party bus?

Avoid the crowds and the headache of herding cats through an uncomfortable situation with the comfort of your own private vehicle.

Opportunity to Get Out of the House & Relax
We have all been cooped up at home for so long, it can be hard to imagine ways to go out and have fun, safely. The pressure is especially on for a holiday as fun and exciting as Halloween! With a kids party bus, you will have the opportunity to give your kids a fun, memorable Halloween night while you can enjoy a night out on the town full of good times and relaxation.

Our party bus rentals come complete with a private, dedicated chauffeur who has been trained in the latest and best defensive driving practices. You and your guests are in good hands with Atlantic Limousine, so sit back, relax, and let the good times flow!

Warmth on a Cold Evening
Something we often forget living in Georgia is that Halloween night can actually get quite cold! Depending on the season, your regularly scheduled trick-or-treating activities would get cut short in an effort to escape the icy temps outside. With a kids party bus, you can lock the cold out and party the night away in immense comfort.

Personalized Decorations
To make the kids party bus feel even more customized for your fun evening, you can bring your own decorations! Got a kid who loves pumpkins? Throw your very own pumpkin-themed party! Whether you rent a party bus, a stretch limo, or a charter, you can decorate the interior to what you like for a personalized party experience that has everything you need.

More Fun!!
Instead of begging strangers for candy, your kids can live the party life of grownups for one night! Imagine how cool they will feel stepping into their very own party bus to celebrate one of the coolest holidays of the year. In addition to the safety aspects of the trip, renting a kids party bus for Halloween is different! It’s easy to plan / coordinate, and it is a rare life experience you can give your kids to make a fun night even more memorable during difficult times.

Give Atlantic Limousine & Transportation a call today at (770) 751-7078 or email [email protected] to book your kids party bus for Halloween. Hurry, we’re booking so fast it’s scary!