How to Book a Limousine Service in Atlanta

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If you’re flying into the Atlanta airport, you need to plan ahead. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself trying to figure out how to use MARTA at 1 o’clock in the morning. For example, knowing how to book a limousine could help you plan the trip down to the last detail for complete peace of mind.

Atlantic Limousine & Transportation provides limo service at the Atlanta airport to help its clients relax in a luxury vehicle after a long travel day or night. Below, the team shares why having a professional driver at the wheel saves you more than the worry of navigating Atlanta’s traffic.

Learn How to Book a Limousine in Atlanta, Georgia, The Easy Way

Before you book a limousine, think about how many people it needs to accommodate. Also, consider why you’re renting a limousine. 

For example, if it’s to pick your group up from the airport, the limousine will need to fit everyone’s luggage. However, if you’re just driving around town during a bachelorette party, you can opt for a smaller limousine since you won’t have to fit multiple suitcases inside. These factors can alter the cost of the reservation, which is why it’s always a good idea to have a clear view of your event and the size of your party. 

You never want to end up paying for amenities you don’t need, so here are some questions to figure the details out beforehand:

What is the Length of the Limousine Reservation You Need?

Do you need a reservation for an hour just to pick your group up from the airport, or do you plan to drive around to multiple destinations throughout the day? Many businesses require a minimum of three to four hours with every booking, and going over that set time could incur overtime charges.

What Amenities Could Make or Break Your Trip?

You may think of a limousine with champagne or hard liquor. While that may be the case, those amenities typically cost extra. 

Let the rental company know if:

  • You will need WiFi during your trip to finish up business matters 
  • You’re going for a party vibe and want a stereo system and party lights
  • You want a screen so that you can watch a movie during your limousine service booking

A rental company like Atlantic Limousine & Transportation wants you to have the best experience possible. Let them know ahead of time what amenities you’d like to enjoy on your trip.

What Are Some Additional Driver Responsibilities That The Service Offers?

When learning how to book a limousine, ask the company if the driver will stay with your group the entire time or leave to provide service to other clients. A customized service must fit with your expectations.

Are There Extra Fees?

Before you hire a professional limo service, ask about other fees they may not tell you about at the time of booking. For instance, sometimes there are fees such as a fuel surcharge, a cleaning fee, or an extra cost because there are more passengers than listed in the initial booking.

Is There a Gratuity Expected?

If you’re out and about in Atlanta, you want to have a great time. Your driver will want to do absolutely everything they can to give you that memorable experience of their city, so the last thing you want to do is neglect a tip. 

When you reserve the limousine, ask whether the gratuity is included in the quote. Some companies automatically add gratuities for larger parties, just like restaurants. 

Is the quote excluding a gratuity? Make sure your party knows they will need to chip in a few dollars at the end of your trip. Dividing the tip is a great way to show your driver some appreciation for the excellent service you are sure to receive.

Successfully Rent a Limousine in Atlanta | Atlantic Limousine & Transportation

Atlanta is a big, busy city, and you don’t have to try and navigate it after a long day if you have a professional driver on hand. When you know exactly what to expect, you won’t get caught by surprise during your online limousine booking process, either. 

Atlantic Limousine & Transportation has been in the industry since 1995. We have an impressive fleet of vehicles, including stretch limousines, private coaches, and even classic getaway cars for your wedding. Book a reservation at 770-751-7078 today, or get a quote by filling out the online form.

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