Get the Whole Gang There Safely, with a Mini Coach Bus Rental

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Have you ever tried to coordinate a trip with more than 5 people? If so, you know the struggle of trying to coordinate rides and arrival times. If not, then count yourself lucky! There are so many factors that can go wrong when trying to coordinate a group trip, wedding arrivals, or other event with multiple vehicles. However, with a mini coach bus rental, you can leave the coordination to us!

Forget Flying!

There is no secret that state-to-state transportation has taken a big downturn as people continue to avoid flying. However, don’t let fear of flying keep you from your travels! With our private, sanitized, state-to-state transportation, you and your family have the option to travel anywhere in the southeast in a clean and private mini coach bus rental.

Naturally, there have been delays and mixed feelings about hosting out of state guests when it meant their most feasible option was flying. Who wants to bother with the hassle and health stress? But now, you and your group have the option to continue your out-of-state travels without worrying about a flight, through Atlantic Limousine’s state-to-state transportation services.

If you are looking to have a wedding soon but are concerned for the safety of your out-of-state guests, we can ensure they have a safe ride from their home or designated pick-up location all the way to the ceremony, after-party venue and back again. You will have enough to focus on during your big day, special celebration or other event, and the last thing you should be worried about is getting everyone to the destination at the same time.

Arrive at the Same Time – No Delay in Fun with a Mini Coach Bus Rental

Regardless of whether you are planning a wedding, private party or other fun event, trying to coordinate multiple vehicles is something that should be left up to the professionals. Avoid the stress, headache and hassle of trying to squeeze everyone into a few cars, or when someone gets lost on their way to your destination, and let us take care of it!

Our chauffeurs are trained professionals, and they can be trusted to get everyone in your wedding party / friend group / family right where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. So, skip the headache and let someone else herd those cats!

Trust Atlantic Limousine & Transportation to Get You There, Safely

The health and safety of our guests has always been our top priority, and we remain steadfast in that commitment through our intensive sanitization procedures. That’s why, we’ve amped up our already-extensive cleaning practices to equip each vehicle and chauffeur with a complete cleaning kit, and each vehicle is deeply cleaned before and after each trip. Learn more about how we’re working hard to keep our guests safe here.

Give us a call today at (770) 751-7078 to book your mini coach bus rental in Atlanta, or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our services!