Travel Together Safely This Holiday Season with an Atlanta Bus Rental

13 Passenger Sprinter Inside

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is likely that your plans will involve traveling to visit friends and loved ones. But with the current pandemic situation, you may be searching for alternative modes of transport outside of flying or taking a train. If so, an Atlanta bus rental is the ideal solution to provide private […]

Get the Whole Gang There Safely, with a Mini Coach Bus Rental

Atlantic Limousine Mini Coach Bus Rental Jack Caroline Cat and Zach Photography scaled 1

Have you ever tried to coordinate a trip with more than 5 people? If so, you know the struggle of trying to coordinate rides and arrival times. If not, then count yourself lucky! There are so many factors that can go wrong when trying to coordinate a group trip, wedding arrivals, or other event with […]

See Atlanta’s Iconic Sights with a Tour Bus Rental

Atlantic Limo Tour Bus Rental

Getting out of the house for some fresh air has never been more important, for both our physical and mental health. Every city has iconic spots, but we all know Atlanta is special! With a tour bus rental, you and your family or a few close friends can get together in a safe environment to […]

Atlantic Limo Supports Inclusiveness with Handicap Buses

The Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act of 1990 required businesses offering public services such as restaurants and stores to make their facilities as accessible as possible to people who use wheelchairs or have some other type of disability that limits mobility. The purpose of the legislation was to ensure that people with a physical handicap […]