Travel Together Safely This Holiday Season with an Atlanta Bus Rental

13 Passenger Sprinter Inside

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is likely that your plans will involve traveling to visit friends and loved ones. But with the current pandemic situation, you may be searching for alternative modes of transport outside of flying or taking a train. If so, an Atlanta bus rental is the ideal solution to provide private and sanitary travel accommodations for you and your family.

Our Atlanta Bus Rentals Are Guaranteed to be Clean and Sterile
We prioritize the health and safety of our passengers above all else. As a result, we implement an extensive sanitation process before and after every ride to ensure that your Atlanta bus rental is sterile and secure. Along with chauffeurs that are trained in the latest protective protocols as recommended by CDC guidelines, our Atlanta bus rentals are equipped with Lysol, Clorox wipes, gloves, hand sanitizer and trash bags for any sanitary needs you may have throughout the duration of your trip.


Atlanta Bus Rentals Provide Privacy and Accommodations for Your Entire Family
One of the greatest advantages of booking an Atlanta bus rental is the privacy it grants you and your loved ones. Since you will be the only riders on the bus, your mind will be at ease knowing that you are safe and secure throughout your trip. And if you are traveling with a larger family, our Atlanta coach bus rentals can accommodate up to 56 people, so your group is sure to arrive together and on time. And with luxury accommodations like flat screen televisions, theater-style surround sound and leather seats, the trip will be just an enjoyable as the destination.


Atlanta Bus Rentals Are a Better Alternative to Flying and Ride Share Programs
While your traditional travel plans probably involve flying, this year an Atlanta bus rental is a much better and safer alternative to air travel. Along with the privacy it provides for you your loved ones, our sanitization practices are much more thorough than those implemented on larger planes due to size and frequency of use. And while some of your family members may suggest renting private vehicles or taking ride shares, it is difficult to know how different companies enact safety measures, if there are any being implemented at all. Traveling together in our sanitized Atlanta bus rentals ensures the health and safety amongst your friends and loved ones.


Atlanta Bus Rentals are Great for Long-Distance Travel
As outlined above, Atlanta bus rentals come with lavish accommodations and chauffeur services that make them great for long-distance travel. Not only does this allow you to sit back and relax with your family, but it ensures you can do it in comfort and luxury. And with our state-to-state transportation services, you can enjoy these benefits no matter the length of the trip.


Get an Atlanta Bus Rental for Your Holiday Travels
At Atlantic Limousine and Transportation, our Atlanta bus rentals will provide you and your loved ones with a safe place to find comfort and relaxation as you reach your destination. Contact Atlantic Limousine and Transportation today to reserve your Atlanta bus rental.


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